on 11 July 2014

President of Musical Olympus Foundation Irina Nikitina took part in the 6th German-Russian Young Leaders Conference in Hamburg

Organized the 6th year in a row, German-Russian Young Leaders Conference aims to create and develop a unique platform for  successful dialogue between the future elite of the two states to overcome geographical, age, information, political and other barriers via dialogue and cooperation of young leaders.

Last year the conference was held in St Petersburg with an active engagement of the Musical Olympus Foundation. Unfortunately, the last year saw many changes in the Russian-German relations.

In the current challenging political situation the conference is of utmost importance, as any other form of constructive dialogue between the two countries. "In today's complex international environment it is essential to support any initiatives aimed to recover mutual trust between Russia and Germany, revive dialogue and mutual understanding," said Irina Nikitina.