on 10 February 2021

Public talk with Irina Nikitina

On the12 February 2021 at 14:00 Irina Nikitina participates as a key speaker in the public talk on the topic " What is happening in the music world? Is there a future for live concerts?". The event is organised in the framework of "St. Petersburg Book Lighthouse. Music of meanings" festival. During the discussion, the most critical issues about music will be discussed. Why does a modern person need "live" music? Artificial intelligence is already capable to create musical compositions and performs them, it improvises better than an average composer and musician. How does music affect the psyche of a modern person? What is happening now with the big concert agencies?

The host of the meeting is Andrey Konstantinov, musician, Honored artist of Russia, member of the Terem-Quartet ensemble. The broadcast of the event can be viewed at YouTube https://youtu.be/ycd-yWY1XDA