May 14

May 28 – June 2, 2021, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Parade of winners of international music competitions

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Apr 07

Dear Friends, dear Musicians and Audience, Donors and Supporters!

The 25th International Musical Olympus Festival will take place in 2021.

Due to the pandemic, we are tackled with on a global scale, we have to heavy-heartedly announce the cancellation of the Festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia, held from May 28th until June 5th 2020.  It is a decision that has not come easy and it is very sad for us, because this year we were supposed to celebrate the 25th anniversary. 

The COVID-19 virus has unfortunately reached Russia and the scenario of its development remains highly unpredictable. Clearly, serious measures have to be taken against a pandemic and we do not want to risk our musicians and dedicated audience members & friends, flying into / from Russia, from all over the world, to experience any possible complications. 

We also cannot guarantee that such bigger scale events, as our festival, will be able to take place end of May 2020, due to the precautions adapted by the Russian Government to protect its citizens from a broader spread of the virus. Thus we will postpone the celebration of Musical Olympus 25th year to the upcoming year! We kindly ask you for your deepest understanding!

Please be sure, that we will do our best to celebrate this year via our online presence on our website, our social media and simply in our hearts. 

Artists 2020:

  • Conductors - Gabor Kali (Hungary), Henry Cheng (USA), Darrell Ang (Singapore), Vasily Petrenko (Russia)
  • Pianists – Emanuil Ivanov (Bulgaria), Daniel Kharitonov (Russia)
  • Violinists - Elvin Hoxha Ganiyev (Azerbaijan/Albania/Turkey), Joshua Brown (USA), Teo Gertler (Slovakia), Ilya Gringolts (Russia)
  • Cellists – Haruma Sato (Japan), Santjago Cañón Valencia (Columbia)
  • Vocalists – Adriana Gonzales (Guatemala), Ao Li (China), Maria Viotti (Switzerland)
  • Classic Guitar – Jesse Flowers (Australia)

Please stay healthy and safe.

With best wishes,
Irina Nikitina
President of the Musical Olympus Foundation

Dec 01

The 22nd Musical Olympus Foundation’s Annual Charity Ball

May 30 – 31, 2020
Catherine’s Palace, Tzarskoye Selo, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Jan 30

February 2, 2019

18:00 pm

Klosters, Switzerland

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Jan 26

May 27 – May 31 2019, Санкт-Петербург

Social Program of the Festival

Starting from 2012, The Musical Olympus International Festival presents charity concerts for people who are experiencing difficult life situations and have no physical ability to attend concert halls. This year the Musical Olympus Foundation has prepared four programs
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