on 23 April 2013

Russian audience joins Roberto Fonseca’s Afro-Cuban carnival

Roberto Fonseca, one of the most distinctive representatives of Afro-Cuban jazz and modern jazz as such, presented his new album “YO” in St Petersburg and Moscow. Released in 2012, the album hit the Western critics’ list of top jazz albums of the year. The third visit of Roberto Fonseca to Russia, organized by the Musical Olympus Foundation, demonstrated the musician’s limitless mastery as performer and composer, as well as fruitful development of his multifaceted artistic talent.

The concerts of this vibrant and charismatic Cuban jazzman took place in on April, 15 at the St Petersburg Music Hall Theatre and on April, 16 at the Moscow Club “Reka”. Admirers of his talent as well as first-time listeners found themselves in the middle of a flamboyant Afro-Cuban carnival created by the virtuoso performance and powerful energy of Roberto Fonseca. The show was based on contrasts: energetic, multilayer, and vibrant pieces interchanged with profound lyrical compositions.

"The new concert program of Roberto Fonseca is world class, the best show he has ever presented in St Petersburg and Moscow,” says President of the Musical Olympus Foundation Irina Nikitina, organizer of Fonseca’s concerts in Russia. “People who were at these concerts noted the special atmosphere of this show – spectacular, open, sincere. He is so emotional and buoyant, that all listeners regardless of their mood give in to the hedonistic Cuba Libre tunes, leaving all their worries outside of the concert hall".

The new program that the musician is presenting for several months already on his world tour proves that Fonseca’s artistic horizons are not limited by Afro-Cuban jazz only. Fonseca explores a new concept blending traditional acoustic instruments with elements of electronic music, taking the risk he had never taken before. Five equally unique and virtuoso musicians with different ethnic roots support Fonseca on stage – Joel Hierrezulo on percussion, Ramses Rodriguez on drums, Jorge Chicoy on electric guitar, Yandy Martínez on bass, and Sekou Kouyate on kora.