on 29 August 2019

All tickets to Musical Olympus concert in Switzerland have sold out

This Sunday Septembre Musical Festival starts in Montreux and Vevey, Switzerland. A remarkable program dedicated to Russian culture will be offered to the general public: classical music concerts given by world-famous names, performances by dance groups, cinema screenings, theatre performances, talks, workshops, and many more activities. The organizers of the festival report a sold-out: tickets for three of the ten concerts, including the concert of "Musical Olympus" are already sold out.

On September 8th, the Musical Olympus foundation will feature the latest generation of Russian virtuosi. Four outstandingly gifted young musicians will take the stage – the mezzo-soprano Vasilisa Berzhanskaya, violinist Marc Bouchkov, pianist Daniel Kharitonov, and harpist Alexander Boldachev – all participants in Musical Olympus festivals who have become established soloists on the world circuit.