Festival 2003

VIII International Musical Olympus Festival
July 15 – July 21, 2003

July 15, Tuesday
The Hermitage Theatre

The Symphony Orchestra of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory
Conductor                 Alexander Sladkovsky (Russia)
A. Petrov                         “Vivat Olympus!”, Celebration Ouverture
E. Grieg                           Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in a minor, op. 16
Soloist                      Henri Sigfridsson (Finland), Second Prize, The International Geza Anda Competition, Zurich, 2000

V. Trojan                         “Fairy Tales”, Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra
Soloist                      Thi Quynh Trang NGUYEN (Vietnam), First prize, Hong Kong Musical Competition for Young Asia Performers, 2002

P. Tchaikovsky               Concerto in В major for Violin and Orchestra, op.35 (1978)
Soloist                      Mayu Kishima (Japan), First Prize, International Competition of Young Soloist of Patra, 2003

July 16, Wednesday
Grand Hall of the St. Petersburg Conservatory

The Symphony Orchestra of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory
Conductor              Alexander Sladkovsky (Russia)
R. Schumann                 Concerto for piano and orchestra
Soloist                    Martin Helmchen (Germany), First prize, Clara Haskil International Piano Competition, 2002

A. Simonian                   “The Fogotten Legends” for mezzo-soprano, duduk, zurna and Symphonic Orchestra (Commissioned by the Musical Olympus Festival, 2003)
Soloists                  Silvia Marini (Italy), soprano, Araik Bakhtikian (Amenia), duduk, zurna

B. Bartok                         Concerto for Viola and Orchetsra
Soloist                      Alexander  Kondakov (Russia), First prize, E. Mravinsky International Youth Competition, 2003

July 17, Thursday
Grand Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia

The St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor                Alexander Dmitriev
S. Prokofiev                  Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in g minor, op. 16
Soloist                      Yong-Kyu Lee (Korea), Maria Callas Grand Prix, Athens, 2002

R. Wagner                    Introduction and “Death of Isolda” from “Tristan and Isolda”
A. Skryabin                   La poeme d’Extase

July 18, Friday
Grand Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia

The St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor                 Yuri Temirkanov
J. Brahms                      Concerto in D major for Violin and Orchestra, op. 77
Soloist                       Benjamin Schmid (Austria)

D. Schostakovitch        Symphony No.6

July 20, Sunday
Grand Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia

Edinburgh Youth Orchestra
Conductor                En Shao (UK)
T. Smith                          “Edinburgh” for  Saxophone and Orchestra
E. McGuire                     “PRAZDNIK!” for Marimba and Orchestra
A. Masson                      Concerto for Snare Drum and Orchestra
E.Glennie-T.Smit           Duet for Percussions and Saxophone
Soloists                   Evelyn Glennie (Scotland), percussions, and Tommy Smith (Scotland), saxophone

P. Tchaikovsky                Symphony No.5

July 21, Monday
The Hermitage Theatre

The State Hermitage Orchestra "St. Petersburg Camerata"
Conductor                 Mikhail Agrest (USA)
C. Saint-Saens                   “Animals Carnival” for Two Pianos and Orchestra
Soloists                      Mischa and Sascha Manz (Switzerland), Laureates of the Murray Dranoff International Two Piano Competition, Miami, 2001

R. Wagner                            Aria of Daland Moeggst du mein kind from “DerFliegende Hollander” (1843)
W.A. Mozart                           Aria of Leporello Madamina! From “Don Giovanni” (1787)
Soloist                     Sonn Hye Soo, Grand Prix, Maria Callas Grand Prix in Athens (Greece,2003)

G.Donizetti                           Cavatina of Lucia Regnava nel silenzio from “Lucia di Lammermur” (1835)
F. Cilea                                 Aria of Adrienna from “Adrienna Lekuvreur” (1902)
Soloists                   Irina Lungu (Russia), Hye-Soo Sonn (South Korea), Elena Xanthoudakis (Australia-Hellas)

S.Sankey                             “Carmen-Fantasy” based on themes of Bizet for double bass and symphony orchestra
Soloist                      Roman Patkolo (Slovakia), First Prize, International Double Bass Competition, Iowa (USA), 1999

L. Grohndal                         Concerto for trombone and orchestra
Soloist                     Alexander Gorbunov (Russia), First prize, International Instrumental Competition, Markneukirchen, 2002