Concerts in Zurich are held with the support of the Swiss "Friends Musical Olympus" since 2004

                                                                     Tonhalle, Zurich
                                                                   October 20, 2014
                                                      Musical Olympus Festival Concert

R. SCHUMANN                  Fantasiestucke op.73
Soloist                                  Victor Julien-Laferriere (France), cello. First Prize, The “Prague Spring” International Music Competition, Prague (Czech Republic), 2012
Piano                                     Jonas Vitaud (France)

J.S.BACH-F.BUSONI         Chaconne
Soloist                                  Daniel Kharitonov (Russia), piano. First Prize, The International Television Competition “The Nutcracker,” Moscow, 2010

R.STRAUSS                        Lieder
                                              1. Zueignung op.10 no.1
                                              2. Nachtgang op. 29. no. 3
                                              3. Cäcilie op.27 no.2

Soloist                                 Seyoung Park (Republic of Korea), soprano. First Prize, The Francisco Vinas International Singing Competition, Barcelona (Spain), 2014
Piano                                    Hyoungjin Park (Republic of Korea)


P.TCHAIKOVSKY – M.PLETNEV    Andante maestoso (Pas de deux) from The Nutcracker
S. RACHMANINOFF                         Études-Tableaux , op. 39, No. 9 in D-Dur
Soloist                                                   Daniel Kharitonov (Russia), piano

C.DEBUSSY                                     Cello Sonate
Soloist                                              Victor Julien-Laferriere (France), cello
Piano                                                 Jonas Vitaud (France)

G. PUCCINI                                      Aria of Suor Angelica from Suor Angelica (Senza Mamma)
U. GIORDANO                                Aria of Maddalena from Andrea Chenier (La Mamma morta)
G. VERDI                                          Aria of Aida from Aida (Ritorna Vicitor)
Soloist                                              Seyoung Park (Republic of Korea), soprano
Piano                                                 Hyoungjin Park (Republic of Korea)


Tonhalle, Zurich
October 7, 2013

S. Hodkinson            “Kerberos” for snare drum solo and voice
M. Hoenderdos         “January 94'” for two timpanis
Yi-Ping Yang              “Terre Natal” for five timpanis and voice
Soloist                          Yi-Ping Yang (Taiwan-France), percussion, First Prize, The TROMP International Music Competition, Eindhoven (The Netherlands), 2006.

G.Verdi                         Bolero of Elena from "Vespri Siciliani"
W.-A. Mozart                 Aria of Pamina form  "Die Zauberflöte (" Ach, ich fühls")
R. Schumann              "In der Fremde" op.38
                                       "Rätsel" op.25
                                      " Widmung", op.25

Soloist                        Olena Tokar (Ukraine), soprano,  First Prize, The ARD International Music Competition, Munich (Germany), 2012
Piano                          Igor Gryshyn (Ukraine)


J. Brahms                 Rhapsody op.79 No.1
S. Rachmaninov      Corelli Variations
Soloist                       Elmar Gasanov (Russia), piano, Third Prize, Geza Anda Piano Competition, Zurich (Switzerland), 2012

P. Tchaikovsky          "Den li tsarit" (Whether Day Dawns)
S. Rachmaninov      "Noch Pechalna" (the Night is Sad
                                    "Vesennie Vody” (Spring waters)  

Soloist                        Olena Tokar (Ukraine), soprano, First Prize, The ARD International Music Competition, Munich (Germany), 2012
Piano                          Igor Gryshyn (Ukraine)

Grand Hall, Zurich
October 14, 2012

F. Chopin             Ballades no. 3 and 4.
Soloist                 Varvara (Russia), First Prize, The Geza Anda International Piano Competition, Zurich (Switzerland), 2012

I. Stravinsky          Divertismento for Violin and Piano
Soloist                  Solenne Païdassi (France), First Prize, The Long – Thibaud International Violin Competition, Paris (France), 2010.
Piano                     Varvara (Russia)


Jacques Ibert         Concertino da Camera
Rachmaninoff        Andante from Sonata, Op.19
Creston                   Sonata, Op.19 for alto saxophone and piano
Piazzolla                 Two Tangos, arranged for soprano saxophone & piano     
Soloist                    Ashu (USA), First Prize, “The International Salon de Virtuosi Career”, New York (USA), 2008.
Piano                      Varvara (Russia)

I.Stravinsky            Petroushka
Soloist                   Varvara (Russia, piano)

Tonhalle Zurich,Grand Hall
November 22, 2011

Zurich Chamber Orchestra
Conductor                    Dmitri Sitkovetsky

Honegger                    Symphony № 2 for Strings
Schostakowitsch       Concert №. 1 for Piano,  Trumpet & strings
Mozart                          Adagio and Fuge
Schostakowitsch      Strings quartette №. 3
Soloists                      Khatia Buniatishvili, (Georgia), piano, Second Prize, The Tbilisi International Piano Competition (Georgia), 2005
                                     Philipp Hutter(France), trumpet, First Prize, the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe Scholarship Competition, 2009

October 24, 2010

Soloist                           Ilya Maximov (Russia),Second Prize and Audience Prize, The Maria Canals International Piano Competition, Barcelona (Spain), 2008
Audience Prize at the 15th International Musical Olympus Festival, St. Petersburg, 2010

F.CHOPIN                    Ballade in G minor, op.23
F. Liszt                          Hungarian Rhapsody No.9 in E-flat major (The Carnival in Pest)


M. Mussorgsky           "Pictures at  an Exhibition – A Remembrance of Viktor Hartmann", suite for piano

Promenade (B-flat major)
No. 1 "Gnomus" / Gnomes  (E-flat minor)
Interlude, Promenade theme (A-flat major)
No.2.  "Il vecchio castello" / The Old Castle (G-sharp minor)
Interlude, Promenade theme (B-major)
No. 3 "Tuileries" (Dispute between Children at Play) (B-major)
No. 4 "Bydło" / Cattle (G-sharp minor)
Interlude, Promenade theme, (D minor)
No. 5 Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks (F major)
No.6  Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuÿle (B-flat minor)
Promenade (B-flat major)
No. 7 "Limoges, le marché" / The Market at Limoges (The Great News), (E-flat major)
No. 8 "Catacombæ" (Sepulcrum romanum) / The Catacombs (B minor)
No.9 The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yagá) (C minor)
No.10 The Bogatyr Gates (in the Capital in Kiev) (E-flat major)

October 25, 2009

G. Cassado                Suite for Cello solo   
S. Rachmaninov        Cello sonata in G minor, ор. 19      
Soloist                         Lionel Cottet (Switzerland), cello, Second Prize, The Lutoslawski International Cello Competition, Warsaw (Poland), 2007
                                      Mei Yi Foo (Malaysia), piano, Second Prize, The Maria Callas Grand Prix (piano), Athens (Greece), 2008

K. Szymanowski       Three Etudes   
A. Scriabin                 Sonata for Piano no.4 in F-sharp major, op. 30
Soloist                        Mei Yi Foo


S. Friedman            Solus for Solo Trumpet        
Soloist                     Philipp Hutter (Switzerland), trumpet, First Prize, the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe Scholarship Competition, 2009

G. Rossini             Aria of Rosina from “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”    
G. Meyerbeer        Aria of Dinorah from “Dinorah”  
G. Verdi                  Aria of Violetta from “La Traviata”   
Soloist                  Yun-Jeong Lee (Republic of Korea), soprano, Grand Prix, The Maria Callas Grand Prix, Athens (Greece), 2009
Piano                    Mei Yi Foo

October 26, 2008

J.Demersmann         Fantasie
P.Itturalde                   Chardash
Soloists                     Hyrapet Arakelyan (Armenia), saxophone, Second Prize, The Adriatic Music Competition, Ancona (Italy), 2007
                                     Yulianna Avdeeva (Russia), piano, Second Prize, The Geneva International Music Competition (Switzerland), 2006

L. Baker                    Rainmusic (for solo vibraphone)
Soloist                     Johannes Fischer (Germany), percussions, First Prize, The ARD International Music Competition, Munich (Germany), 2007

R. Wagner              “Traeume” from Wesendonck Lieder
J. Massenet            Aria of Chimene from “Le Cid”  
S. Rachmaninov    Romance “Ne poi krasavitsa pri mne…”  
Soloists                  Ekaterina Godovanets (Russia), soprano, First Prize, The Stenhammar International Music Competition (Sweden), 2006
Piano                      Yulianna Avdeeva (Russia)


V. Globokar           Toucher (for speaking percussionist)  
Soloist                  Johannes Fischer

F. Borne               Fantasie brilliante on Bizet’s “Carmen” for saxophone and piano
Soloists              Hyrapet Arakelyan
                             Yulianna Avdeeva

R. Strauss        ”Beim Schlafengehen” from the “Four last songs for voice and Orchestra”  
F. Lehar             Aria of Hanna Glawari from „Die Lustige Witwe“
I. Kalman          Aria of Sylva from “Die Csárdásfürstin”
Soloists            Ekaterina Godovanets
                           Yulianna Avdeeva

September 23, 2007

F. Chopin.                    Ballade Nr.1 in g-moll, Op.23
S. Rachmaninov        Prelude in E flat Major,  Op. 23, No 6 /Andante
                                      Prelude in B flat Major, Op. 23, No. 2 / Maestoso

G. Rossini
– G. Ginsburg            Aria of Figaro from "Il Barbiere di Siviglia"
Soloist                        Yulianna Avdeeva (Russia),piano,  Second Prize, Geneva International Music Competition, Geneva (Switzerland), 2006

C. M. von Weber       Concertino in E flat Major for Clarinet and Orchestra, op.26
A. Messager              Solo de concours for Clarinet and Piano in E flat Major
Soloist                        Nikita Lyutikov (Russia), First Prize, The Evgeny Mravinsky International Youth Competition, Saint-Petersburg (Russia), 2006
Piano                          Yulianna Avdeeva


R.  Schumann          Adagio and Allegro for Horn and Piano, Op.70
J. Francaix                Divertismento for Horn and Piano
Soloist                      Szabolcs Zempleni (Hungary),  First Prize, The ARD International Music Competition, Munich, 2005
Piano                        Yulianna Avdeeva

A.Dvorak                       Aria of Rusalka from ”Rusalka”  / Mesicku na nebi hlubokem
G. Puccini                    Aria of Mimi from “La Bohème” / Donde lieta usci
R. Strauss                   Morgen (Vier Lieder für hohe Singstimme und Klavier) no. 4, op. 27
                                      All mein' Gedanken...(Schlichte Weisen, No.1), Op.21
S. MacCathmhaoil   (arr.Phyllis Tate) My Lagan love.. (Irish air)
Soloist                        Celine Byrne (Ireland), Grand Prix, The Maria Callas Grand Prix, Athens (Greece), 2007
Piano                          Yulianna Avdeeva

October 29, 2006

F.Chopin                   Ballade No. 4 in F minor, op.52
F.Liszt                        Mephisto-Valse
Soloist                      Khatia Buniatishvili (Georgia), Piano, Second Prize, The Tbilisi International Piano Competition (Georgia), 2005

H.Wieniawski         Variations on Original Theme, op.15
P. Sarasate             Zapateado, op. 23 No. 2
Soloist                     Dmitry Smirnov (Russia), First Prize, The David Oistrakh Violin Competition in Moscow (Russia)
Piano                       Larissa Diakova


C.Debussy          Première Rhapsodie for Clarinet and Orchestra
F.Poulenc            Sonata, op. 184
Soloist                 Olivier Vivares (France), Second Prize, The Carl Nielsen International Music Competition, Odense (Denmark), 2005
Piano                   Aya Inokuchi

G.F.Haendel      Aria of Armida from ”Rinaldo”
G.Rossini         Cavatina of Rosina from "Il Barbiere di Seviglia"
G.Massenet      Aria of Manon from ”Manon”
Soloist              Anna Kasyan (Georgia), Second Prize, The UNISA International Voice Competition, Pretoria (South African Republic), 2006
Piano                Khatia Buniatishvili

October 30, 2005


Schubert-Liszt               3 pieces ("Fischermadchen", "Aufenthalt", "Forelle")
Schumann                     "Carnival"
Soloist                             Eldar Nebolsin (Russia/Spain), piano, Grand Prix, The 11th International Piano Competition (Spain, 1992)

Robert Schumann songs

Mein schonner stern op.101 no.4
Widmung op. 25
Mondnacht op.39 no.5
Melancholie op.74 no.6
Mignon op.79 no.29

Sergey Rachmaninoff  songs

Ja zhdu tebya / I wait for thee op.14 no.1
Siren / The lilacs op.21 no.5                                     
Son / Dreams op.38 no.5
Ne poi krasavitsa pri mne  / Oh, never sing to me again op.4 no.4
Zdes horosho / How fair this spot op.21 no.7
Vesennie vody / Spring waters op.14 no.11

Soloists          Iwona Sobotka (Poland), soprano, First Prize, Competition "East and West International Audition" (USA), 2003
                         Eldar Nebolsin (Russia)

September 18, 2004

D. Scarlatti       Sonate in D major               
F. Chopin         Four Mazurkas op. 67 (G major, G minor, C major and A minor)
                          Nocturno in F sharp minor op. 48 No. 2
B. Smetana     Polka in G minor
Soloist             Ivo Kahanek (Chezh Republic), piano, First Prize,  Prague Spring International Competition, (Prague), Chezh Republic,2004

Mozart              Aria of Susanne from “Le nozze di Figaro”
Glinka              Romance of Antonida from “Life for the Tzar”
Puccini            Aria of Lauretta from “Gianni Schicchi”
Rossini           Aria of Semiramida from “Semiramida”
Meyerbeer     Cavatina of the Page from “Les Huguenots”
Soloist           Victoria Voitenkova, soprano, Musical Olympus Foundation Award, 2003
Piano             E. Entina

P. Sarasate       Zigeunerweisen
K. Kuehne        "Eugen Onegin"Fantasie
G. Faure             "Apres un reve"
G. Bottesini        Karneval von Venedig
Soloists                         Roman Patkolo (Slovakia), double bass, First Prize, International Double Bass Competition, Iowa (USA), 1999
                                        Alexandra Verbitskaya (Russia),harp, Musical Olympus Festival, 1998