31 May 2013

On May, 31 the sixth concert of the XVIII International Musical Olymous Festival took place at the Hermitage Theatre. On that evening, young musicians from Switzerland (Elisa Netzer, harp; Nathalie Mittelbach, mezzosoprano) and France (Victor Julien-Laferriere, cello) performed classical music on the stage of the theatre. To the accompaniment of the State Hermitage Orchestra under the baton of Hungarian conductor Gergely Madaras they played musical pieces by Mendelssohn, Debussy, Schuman, Gluck, Bizet, and Hendel.

30 May 2013

On May, 30 the fifth concert of the XVIII International Musical Olympus Festival took place at the Grand hall of the Shostakovich St Petersburg Academic Philharmonia. Elena Tokar (soprano, Ukraine) and Alexei Gorlatch (piano, Germany) performed at the concert to the accompaniment of the St Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra of St Petersburg Philarmonia conducted by Australian director Daniel Smith. Musicians performed works by Mozart, Hendel, Puccini, Beethoven.

29 May 2013

On May, 28 the Hermitage Theatre became the venue for the fourth concert of the XVIII Musical Olympus International Festival featuring young musicians – Vasilena Serafimova (percussion, Bulgaria), Dmitry Bezdenezhnykh (button accordion, Russia), Nikita Lyutikov (clarinet, Russia), and Sergey Red’kin (piano, Russia). The soloists performed works by Frandelli, Turin, de Falla, Piazzolla, Dulfer, Johnson, Velázquez Torres, and Rosenblatt. One of the most striking performances that evening was the performance of Bulgarian percussionist Vasilena Serafimova who had two curtain calls.

26 May 2013

On May, 24 the third concert of Musical Olympus Festival took place at the St Petersburg Academic Chapel. Young musicians from Brazil, France, Korea, and Russia performed on the magnificent stage of one of the oldest and most beautiful concert halls in the city. Accompanied by the State Academic Chapel Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Brazilian conductor Tobias Volkmann, Nicolas Moutier (trombone, France), Igor Yeliseev (double bass, Russia), and Ah Ruem Ahn (piano, Korea) performed music pieces by Beethoven, Tubin, Rachmaninoff, and Grondahl.

25 May 2013

On May, 24 XVIII International Musical Olympus Festival participants Nicolas Moutier (trombone, France) and Igor Yeliseev (double bass, Russia) gave workshops in St Petersburg State Conservatory n.a. N. А. Rimsky-Korsakov. Before the upcoming exams conservatory students demonstrated to musicians their mastery and received some practical advice from them.

24 May 2013

On May, 23 charity concert was given at the investigative detention center №1 “Kresty” within the framework of the XVIII International Musical Olympus Festival. Young musicians from St Petersburg and prize winners of prestigious music contests performed for the convicts. Unique double bass quartet “Quattrobass” opened the concert with the works by Russian composer А. Mirzoev. Then, to the quartet accompaniment, Elena Korzhenevskaya (soprano) sang “Ave Maria” by G. Caccini and Adele couplets from J. Schtrauss’ “Fledermouse”. The concert ended with the performance of button accordion player Dmitry Bezdenezhnykh, 1 prize winner of the International Accordion Prize “Città di Lanciano” in Italy, who performed pieces by V. Zubitsky, C. Dulfer, C. Velázquez Torres, and А. Piazzolla.

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